Claude Whitacre
Claude Whitacre grew up in the small town of Lodi Ohio. A painfully shy kid, he never attended a sports event, went to a dance, or even attend his own graduation.

At 21 years old, Claude decided to get into sales. His start was abysmal, making no sales the first three months.

So, how did Claude overcome his shyness and become an outgoing, enthusiastic salesperson? He didn’t. He’s still shy to this day. Claude knew people were buying, they just weren’t buying from him. So Claude decided to makes selling a study…he read every sales book he could find, he kept notes after every sales presentation…what worked, what didn’t, and he started figuring out the techniques that didn’t depend on being outgoing. He discovered how to sell in a way that depended on sales knowledge, sales technique, knowing what works and why, instead of just depending on an outgoing personality.

Claude kept up this habit of testing new sales ideas, studying what other top salespeople did….. for nearly 40 years. He has broken company sales records, been a keynote speaker at industry conventions and trade shows, and still makes sales to test ideas and teach what works. He is regularly asked to speak for business owner groups on selling, and how to dramatically increase sales. Claude speaks to groups of business owners and salespeople… and nobody else. Claude is the author of several books on selling. Claude and his wife Cheryl live in the small college town of Wooster Ohio.